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Whether you are buying or selling a business, protect your investment with experienced legal advice.

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Creating the appropriate legal entity for your business, including limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships.

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We handle a variety of transactional legal services including commercial lease negotiations, buying or selling a business and dispensing general legal counsel as needed.

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We offer a broad range of commercial and residential real estate law services including leasing, property transfer and encumbrance documents.

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We offer a wide range of services to help businesses and individuals protect their intellectual property. 


Whether you’re an entertainer, artist or business owner we work to make sure your company name, brand, identity and creative expressions stay uniquely yours.


Kuzmich & Associates is a Phoenix-based law firm created to serve the unique needs of individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. We offer the same level of expertise and experience as the big firms, but we bring it to bear in a way that’s refreshingly different.

We believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work and billing only for those things we actually do. We believe our time is best spent watching out for our clients rather than watching our clocks. We believe we can only be truly successful by being invested in the long-term success of our clients.


Jim took a personal interest in my legal issues and other colleagues have said the same. Jim has never overcharged and most importantly gets work done well and quickly. I’ve had too many bad experiences with other attorneys who don’t respond or take months to finalize agreements. Fantastic business attorney for me.

Natasha Nelson

Jim Kuzmich is not only one who is extremely knowledgeable in his profession but is such a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to listen to my needs and answer all my questions proficiently. He has enabled me to feel confident as I start my new business venture and I will continue to utilize Jim’s services and expertise for years to come. I can honestly say I would highly recommend Jim to anyone and appreciate all he has done for me thus far.

Kirsten Holmstedt

I hired Jim to assist me with the purchase of a business. The acquisition turned into a challenging transaction to say the least but we were able to complete it with Jims help. From our very first telephone conversation, when I informed him of my apprehensions to lawyers in general and related several of my horrible past experiences with them, he began to put my mind at ease and build my trust.


As a small business owner, I can’t know everything — including those things I don’t know. Jim has been a huge help to me with both legal advice AND some general business advice that, had I not been given, would have landed me in some serious hot water. I don’t like heat. I don’t like water. I do like Jim.

Dean R.


  • What happens to accrued PTO upon termination?

    Recently, a question that seems to be posed to me by many business owners is:  “When an employee quits or is terminated, must I pay out accrued but unused paid time off?” Arizona law requires all employers to pay terminated employees all wages due to the employee following termination.  The question, however, is whether paid time off is “wages”.

  • New sick leave requirements for Arizona employers

    If you operate a business in Arizona, then you already know about Proposition 206, which increased the state minimum wage to $10 an hour beginning January 1, 2017. However, many employers are not aware of another important provision of this new law which requires employers to provide all employees earned paid sick time. Beginning July 1, 2017, employers will be subject to the following requirements under A.R.S. § 23-372.

  • Are non-compete agreements enforceable in Arizona?

    A non-competition agreement (or “NCA” for short) is an essential component of any employment contract. NCAs can safeguard a successful veterinary practice by restricting a former employee’s ability to join a competitor after termination. For example, a typical NCA may restrict an employee from competing with the employer’s business within a 10-mile radius for 2 years, depending on the size and location of the practice.